Love, Loss and Forgiveness in a New Year

For many 2016 was a very very hard year.  I had hard moments.  The loss of my grandmother, financial instability and unrequited love.  However, I have been blessed beyond what I could imagine this year.  A new job, new friends and connections, creating and selling my artwork and books again.

With much success, there was much heartache.  With much heartache there were many blessings to follow.

I rang in the new year at home with my cousins.  I was very thankful for that.

This year has been a testimony on friendship and family.  Those that stay, those that leave.  The beautiful moments and the rocky ones.   I have been hurt and I have hurt others.  Many mistakes have been made. Assumptions have grown.  Emotions crossed many lines over time.

I have made beautiful connections yet those that I hoped would be a lifetime, have now fizzled as the seasons have changed.  I hold no animosity. I hold no jealousy nor anger. I send these acquaintances with much love and light to prosper in every relationship and endeavor that they may partake.

I am grateful for everyone person who has come into my life leaving a lasting impact.  I know that we cannot carry everyone with us on this yearly evolution of ourselves.  I pray that they leave me with things to consider and lessons to learn from.

The loss of my grandmother was a major event in our family.  Some have grown closer together and some have split further apart.  Our rock was rolled away and an empty space remains, that none of us are ready to fill just yet.

I hope that we can.  I hope that we can forgive one another and love one another as family and true friends should.

Jan. 2nd is the anniversary of my father’s passing.  It is a harsh reality of the finite life in which we live.  Even if lived with great love and abundance.  It leaves me no longer with grief or anger, but with the mission to learn how to grow and evolve from the lessons in which he has taught me.

I can’t guarantee a positive future for my family or friends. Things may grow or deplete.. who knows? I just hope that God blesses me with the tools to accept whatever love or negativity may come my way so that I can only answer with the language and actions of love in return.


Mindful Meditation: I have appreciation for myself, and all around me.