Full Moon : Part 2

Many things to take care of. 

Last night I did my Full Moon yoga sequence, sipped tea, programmed my crystals (tourmaline, amethyst, calcite) to aide in intuitiveness, creativity, focus and just an overall positive Pisces spirit. This aided me to finish work and sleep well. 

This morning shared pleasantries with my love and words of encouragement and I meditated on taking each day, one day at a time. Relying on God’s strength and putting my faith in him. I burnt an incense and did a nice yoga sequence. As I meditated I called to release things that no longer serve me and that prevent me from manifesting my intentions. I am calm and focused. I held my tourmaline crystal close as I meditated and prayed. Many things on my plate so I am utilizing this crystal to anchor this calm and focus. Tourmaline is a Crystal of defense. It will aide in lowering my anxiety. God created wonderful natural healers in his world which in all things just lead us back to him and his love. 

I’m ready for the day!

Morning Yoga Sequence



Full Moon: Relax and Release

Living is a blessing.

The last two weeks have been eye opening. I have learned many things about myself as we transitioned from new moon to releasing the things that no longer serve us in the full moon.

I have put myself in bad situations, hurt people with words. I have shared anger out loud instead of speaking out my frustrations calmly to those that needed to hear them.  I have focused on me and self in a reactive and selfish way.  I know that in some arenas, our frustrations will not be understood or even appropriate.  

I shed that layer of a person from this skin. My eyes need to not only look inwardly but look at the world beyond me. 

The full moon is a time to release. Yesterday night I did some full moon yoga. I saged my office, my house and myself. I burned incense for clarity and set my intentions for the day.

I set an intention of positivity and focus and wrote that on my board at work to anchor myself.

Yoga Full Moon Sequence

Smudging Prayer