Anointed with oil. 

Morning meditation: Lord, may your peace guard my heart and my mind. 

I had a wonderful weekend filled with love, fellowship, new perspectives and deep levels of understanding. 

I was able to be there for someone I truly love and care about in their time of need. 

To be strong for someone physically, emotionally and spiritually can take a toll on your mind and body. I wanted to be present and mindful but not lose myself in aspects of their pain, love  or care.

In my meditation I prayed for them but asked God to guard my heart and mind. I need to continue to put God first, and my well being at the forefront, in order to be a form of support for those I love. 

During my morning meditation I light candles and meditation incense while I execute my morning devotion. During prayer I rubbed my third eye (brow chakra) with oil. I meditated on having an open heart, mind and to gain clarity. I want to live with intent and gain insight so that I don’t immediately become consumed with things or those I love around me. 

I often lose myself in those that I love. They’re influence over me can be strong. Sometimes for the good and at times for the bad. 

I meditated with the intention of clarity, intuition and care for my heart and mind as I dealt with the people around me and loved ones. 

I used an oil called Resolute by Tameko Rowe for Cocoa Butter Mothers. 
It smells and feels divine. It was just what I needed during meditation and as a daily moisturizer. I add a few drops to my shea butter each morning. I feel beyond ready to execute my intentions for the day.


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