Natural hair….and all the care.

My hair has had a crazy journey these past two years. In September,  I went in to Haiya at Deep Ellum Studio here in Dallas, TX to get all of my dead hair (due to coloring and heat damage) out of my life. 

She gave me a wonderful cut and I’ve been maintaining in between growth with cuts in between to continue to rid my hair of damage in order to foster a stronger curl pattern and healthier hair. 

When I first had my hair cut I invested in $150 worth of Kevin Murphy products that I did not really need. Some of which may contain silicones, a material that causes buildup. 

After living through these products, I opted to search for more affordable organic natural hair care products. Haiya suggested that I not use the “natural hair care aisle” products. I searched and searched until I found a few products online and in the aisles that agree with my hair type. I have a 2c/3a curl pattern. Low porosity hair texture that doesn’t allow for thick creams or gels. Many Shea Moisture products did not work on my hair. However, they finally created a Low Porosity leave in/detangler that softens and conditions my hair without the buildup. The Baobab and Tea Tree Oils Low Porosity Protein Free Leave In Detangler. It has a consistency much like Kinky Curly’s Knot Today Leave In. They both use very light ingredients for the hair and work wonderfully for my hair type.  This product along with Bouncecurl Gel have been a godsend!  

Hair Care Steps:

1. Wash with cowash (Kevin Murphy) or hair soap bar (purchase at Whole Foods).

2. Finger through hair and detangle (Low Porosity Detangler or Knot Today)

3. Dry and scrunch hair with a T shirt.

4. Put generous amounts of Bouncecurl in hair. Finger through and scrunch.

5. Utilize a hair dryer and curl diffuser, setting your hair in the diffuser to form curls. 

6. Utilize Giovanni 2chic Ultra Volume Leave In Conditioner or Hairspray with at least 5 pumps or sprays added throughout hair. 

7. Use a hair pic, curl diffuser or diffuser sock to dry hose areas. 

8. Scrunch hair with more Bouncecurl, Briogeo Don’t despair repair or Kevin Murphy Killer Curls for extra definition. 

9. Shake hair out and GET. YOUR. LIFE.

When I do not feel like doing my hair I use lavender/tea tree infused water to spray on my hair, Bouncecurl and Briogeo or Kevin Murphy Killer Curl. If I don’t want to add water I use Living Proof Dry Shampoo or Giovanni Dry Shampoo mixed with Cinnamon.

(What I used this morning.)

Products mentioned above are featured below. 

Below read my story that was featured on the Bouncecurl instagram. 


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