I have skin woes. Yet I am okay with it.

I went through a cleanse so naturally everything came out of my skin.

A new year, a time to shed the toxins of the year before in order to reveal my inner self, fresh and new.

I suffer from bacne.  It all started when I turned 30.  The age of thirty brought on ailments of migraines, teeth problems, hip problems and skin problems.

So here we are.

I have since moved to utilizing unique organic bars of soap for my body rather than cleansers and body washes.

My skin loves charcoal soap when I am going through my cleanse. Chandrika and Colloidal Silver soap when I am cleansing and clearing my back and face.

I have also given up lotion. I have since moved to using only oils. Rosehip, Grapeseed, Almond, Apricot and Coconut.

My skin dries badly in the winter so I needed more than the oil that I was putting on my body.  I purchased 100% raw shea butter. I am constantly mixing oils and a friend of mine mentioned that I should mix and package my concoctions accordingly.

So I did.

I made a chest and back ointment with the following:

Vitamin E (For softness and dark spots.)

Vitamin D (For scarring and dark spots.)

Evening Primrose (For acne and skin health.)

Rosehip Oil (For scarring.)

Lavender Tea Tree (For acne.)

Shea Butter (For overall moisture and inflammation.)



I went to Nature’s Grocers and purchased the small container. I am excited about this blend and I hope it will aide in rejuvenating my skin in a great way.


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