New Focus: Gratitude and Contentment

I attended an engagement party for my friend Racquel on Saturday and my boyfriend and I talked a lot with my friend Brandi on her upcoming travels.

I’m in a current financial and life bind (all first world problems) so I tend to feel a little envious when people speak of their traveling plans.

I told her of this and she merely said, “Yeah, I’ve been there too. Sometimes you have to give up some things in order to get what you want in the future.”

I felt like my third eye got a good slap and wake up call. Wow. Why am I chasing everyone else’s blessings when I should show contentment for my own blessings?!?

Yesterday I attended yoga and church. The message at church was to praise God for the blessings that are yet to come despite the challenges that you may face.

I started thinking of all of my friends accomplishments. We envy other’s accomplishments but do we envy their challenges?

My friend who spoke to me at the party had almost a loss of a job, speaks many times of having to save money and now she is in a good place to live in her life.

Another friend is awaiting to find her job after grad school which I am sure is a vexing task.

One of my friends has had to cater to a loved one’s illness while trying to secure a job after law school and still continues to look for work.

One of my friends finally secured her license to counsel after years of working hard towards a degree with little to no money at times.

Every person has a story, setback, trial and challenge.

We envy the glorious outcome but never the saga that precedes it.

I am thankful to know strong women that know personal struggle and who have learned to praise God along the way.

I continue to work on my gratitude and contentment. I have so much to be thankful for and so much to live for. Life is good, as my mother always says. I have many monkeys on my back but I choose to not have worry. I have God to fight my battles.


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